Sample Contract for Petition

Bond: Merchant’s Bonding CA5500679


This is a contract between Elizabeth Olvera, called “Immigration Consultant”, and ____________ called “client.”


It is important that the client read this entire contract before signing it.

This Immigration Consultant is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice or provide legal services in representing you in this immigration matter.

It is a violation of California law for the Immigration Consultant to keep any of your original documents because you have failed to pay fees or expenses to the Immigration Consultant.


Prepare all Applications and related forms to request a Green Card, services include the following:

– Family Petition Application (1-130)

  1. Non-form Assistance:
  • Provide a list and guidance regarding documents needed to support applications;
  • Do any necessary translations for civil documents, as needed. (English/Spanish)
  • Provide guidance and answer questions regarding notices from Immigration
  • Send applications to USCIS via Priority mail with tracking number.
  • Monitor the Case from beginning to end

Consulate Stage Work

  • Register as agent for NVC Consulate;
  • Assist with logging in to pay NVC invoices of $120 and $325 (will need a check routing number and

checking account number)

  • Provide guidance regarding documents needed to obtain an interview date
  • Translate documents (of civil documents as needed, birth and divorce certificates, police clearance, etc.,)
  • Fill out DS-260 Application online
  • Affidavit of Support for Petitioner (If a co-sponsor is needed, there will be a separate charge).
  • Draft Petitioner Statements/Declaration (re Income, Household Members, Tax Filing Status, etc.)
  • Submit documentation to NVC to request consulate interview. Documentation will be submitted via Priority Mail with tracking number (unless electronic submission is required).
  • 1 (one) Interview preparation for scheduled interview (preparation regarding consulate requirements for a medical exam, police clearance, updated supporting documents, etc.). A second (2) interview preparation is at a charge of $75/hr).• Provide After/post interview guidance and information. (If additional information is requested (such as co sponsor documentation, additional fees apply).
  • Assist with making Immigrant Fee payment of $220 (will need your credit card and approved passport

visa information).

  • Monitor the case from beginning to end.

You are paying only for those services listed above and the Immigration Consultant makes no promises to provide any other services. The Immigration Consultant does not have special influence and cannot obtain special favors from the USCIS, and it is unlawful for the Consultant to make such claim or to make false or misleading statements to the client. The Consultant cannot give a guarantee that your case will be approved. However, we guarantee that your file will be submitted accurately and in a timely manner.

The agency filing fees are separate.

Must pay $535 to US Department of Homeland Security;

$445 to National Visa Center (payable once at the consulate stage.

  2. The total flat fee for professional fees for the first application is $ 1500.00.

. A payment of $ 750 will be due when the contract is signed, before forms are drafted.

This flat rate does not include USCIS FORM filing fees of $ 535 Family Petition Fee and the consulate fees.

Those can be paid as a money order, payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you pay me cash, I will pay it on your behalf as a check to USCIS.


This contract may be cancelled by the client, in writing, at any time.

  1. If the contract is cancelled within 48 hours of its signing, the client is not required to pay any fees or expenses to the Immigration Consultant and is entitled to a refund of any or expenses previously paid.
  2. If the contract is cancelled after 48 hours of being signed, the client shall pay the full contract fee and expenses if the contract was substantially completed or fully performed, or the reasonable value of the services provided and expenses incurred, whichever is less.
  3. If you choose to cancel the contract, any time after the 48 hours but before your package is submitted to Immigration, any refund will deduct the time spent on your case (at a rate of $150 per hour).
  4. If you choose to cancel the contract, after your package is submitted to Immigration, no refund is due, as services have been rendered.

Elizabeth Olvera
Legal Document Assistant
Tel/Text. (415) 985-7080
Please Note: I am not an attorney, I can assist you at your specific direction.
I cannot give you legal advice.
Bond: Merchant’s Bonding CA5500679

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