Hello, my name is Elizabeth Olvera. First off, CONGRATS on the new job!!!

🎉 👏🏽

Yes, I do Form I-9 verifications as an Immigration Consultant, a notary public, and as an authorized representative for your employer. 

My Address is 298 Munich Street San Francisco, CA 94112.

You have to appear personally at my office for me to verify your documents and identity.

Yes, I can help! 

I charge $75 (Seventy-five)  (and in some cases, may be reimbursable by your employer, after you start working with them).

Please call/text 415 985-7080 to schedule an appointment. In some cases, I can do same-day appointments. 

Please leave a message or send me a text, as I might be with another client, and I will get back to you. 

You can bring the items listed on  the Form I-9 to verify your identity and authorization to work, such as:

  • an ORIGINAL U.S Passport (as Proof of U.S. Citizenship) (IF you are a US citizen, proof of citizenship is all I need).
    • OR 
      • 1. Your green card (Legal Permanent Resident Card),
        2. proof other identity AND work authorization, such as: 
        Drivers License AND Social Security Card

Yes, you can e-mail me at eo@elizabetholvera.com for information AND/OR to e-mail me documents that you want me to print for our appointment.

  • Yes, I have a printer.
  • Yes, I have a copier.
  • Yes, I’m a registered and bonded Immigration Consultant.
  • Yes, I’m a notary public. I can notarize copies as needed.

Yes, I can help you submit the I-9 to your employer: I can print a postage label for you to mail the documents back to your employer or we can scan and e-mail them, or I can docu-sign the form, depending on your employer’s request.

Yes, I accept credit card, venmo, and I will give you a receipt.

Yes, I can help! 

My Address is 298 Munich Street San Francisco. You have to appear personally at my office for me to verify your documents and identity.

Information last updated as of 02/21/2023.

You can schedule an in-person appointment here: If you need to come in sooner, please text me directly.