I have two fee structures:

  1. An hourly flat fee for form review only.
  2.  A flat fee for me to handle the entire process, from intake to final decision.


I charge $150 per hour if you need me to review the forms you have already prepared. Most appointments only take 1 hour only.
There is a one hour minimum payment.


However, if you need assistance with the entire process, I charge a flat-fee . The services that I offer are, but not limited to, the following:
Family petitions – $ 1000 plus filing fee $535
Adjustment of Status (Green card application) – $2000 plus filing fee of $1,225 and $535
Asylum Application  – $ 1000 (no USCIS filing fee)
Citizenship applications – $ 600 plus filing fee of $725 (Must do background check)
Green Card renewal applications- $ 350 plus filing fee of $540
U-Visa application – $3,500
DACA Renewal – $500 plus filing fee $495

Background Checks (DOJ & FBI) / Requesting your immigration file (FOIA) – $250 plus processing fee to agencies of approx. $85.

If you need help with something else that I haven’t mentioned here, just give me a call and I’ll let you know if I can help. Thanks!

Please note: I don’t handle cases involving custody, bonds, and deportations, since those should be handled by an attorney. I can refer you to an Immigration attorney at no cost.

Let my many years of experience with immigration services help you with your process.

Please reply to this email if you would like to get more information or schedule an appointment.

Elizabeth Olvera
Registered and Bonded Immigration Consultant
Olvera & Associates
(415) 985-7080
Consultora de Inmigracion
(415) 985-7080 Llame hoy

We specialize in submitting applications to USCIS.

For a flat fee, I prepare all of the forms and submit your application directly with Immigration. We handle the process from beginning to end.

As our client, we’ll give you a list of supporting documents that you’ll need to gather  so that we may submit it to Immigration on your behalf. We’ll make sure that your application will be filled out correctly and completely, the first time. By using our services, we ensure that your application goes out correctly to avoid any delays to the already time consuming processes caused by USCIS/Immigration.

With our flat fee billing system, you’ll know how much you’ll pay, so there’s no surprises. See our schedule of fees, click here. For USCIS fees, click here.

Let me assist you with your process using my many years of experience.


We accept: