Many people wonder if their case needs an attorney. We can’t make that decision for people, but we would like to provide some information so that they can make an informed decision on whether they need an attorney or not.

As an Immigration Consultant, we only offer non-attorney form preparation services. However, not everyone qualifies for form preparation services only.

For example, persons that may need an attorney are applicants who:

  • Have criminal records and are seeking a new immigration benefit (such as U.S. Citizenship).
  • Have a history of lying to USCIS to obtain an immigration benefit.
  •  Have had a prior deportation on their record.

If a potential client is unsure if they need an attorney to assist them with their process, I invite them to consult with an attorney at the local bar association lawyer referral service to get legal advice regarding applying for an Immigration application, prior to filing anything with USCIS. I never discourage people from getting legal advice from an attorney. The more information they can get, the better informed they will be to make an informed decision regarding their case.

If after meeting with the attorney, they decide they want to move forward with the process without the use of an attorney, I am usually able to help them.

Many of the clients that have used my services is because:

  • Their process is straightforward and does NOT require a Court hearing.
  • All applications and documents are submitted by mail, and decisions are issued by mail to the clients directly (approval/green card/work permit, travel permit, etc.)
  • They want to have one point of contact throughout their process (I do the consult, I prepare the forms, and I provide timely updates in your case)